Viktor Hauk

In structures, residual stresses are the rule. Viktor Hauk contributed to the understanding, development, measurement and evaluation of this phenomenon. In 1944, he carried out the first investigations into the X-ray measurement of lattice strains at the Deutsche Versuchsanstalt für Luftfahrt. In 1955, Hauk joined Mannesmann-Röhrenwerke AG in Düsseldorf. In 1968, he took over product development and worked on rubber elasticity and fine structure of metal deformation as well as on steel tube structures. He also conducted research on optimizing the operating limits of drill pipes for natural gas production at the highest pressures.

Hauk studied at the University of Vienna and received his PhD in 1937 with a thesis on mass spectrometry. His bibliography contains more than 140 papers, mainly on materials science. His achievements were honored many times, among others by the Erich Siebel Commemorative Medal of the DVM. The DGM awarded him honorary membership in recognition of his achievements in the field of residual stress research.

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