Sir Henry Charles Husband

H.C. Husband was both an important designer and a busy architect. The largest steerable radio telescope on earth at Jodrell Bank near Manchester in his day, for example, is his work. The facility has a solid steel dish 76 meters in diameter. It was the use of radio telescopes after the Second World War that made it possible to study the radio emissions of the Milky Way and the other Milky Way systems.
He also provided designs for radio telescopes to the U.S. government and scientific agencies. These were used in satellite tracking, especially on the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo spacecraft.
Husband’s constructive creations were not limited to the construction of radio telescopes alone, however. He created the largest structure in Asia at the time, the Ceylon Insurance Building in Colombo, with a roof suitable for helicopter landings, as well as a large number of road and rail bridges, ferry bridges, and also jet units for aircraft.

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