Richard Joseph Neutra

The internationally successful architect Richard Neutra studied at the Vienna University of Technology and graduated there in 1917. He was influenced by Adolf Loos and Otto Wagner. Early on, however, he was also fascinated by modern North American architecture and therefore decided to move to the USA with his wife in 1923.

In the USA he first went to Chicago to meet Frank Lloyd Wright. An advertising poster with the words “California Calls You!” impressed him so much in 1925 that he decided to move to the West Coast. During this time he had close contact with the architect Rudolf Schindler, whom he already knew from his time in Vienna.

In California, Neutra became one of the most important exponents of the modern international style in the USA, building mainly villas and private houses. His concern was to combine nature and architecture. In his designs he used light construction elements to plan and build light, permeable ensembles. 

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