Leopold Küchler

Leopold Küchler was a scientist who was always in close interaction with practice through his work. He studied at the University of Vienna and began his doctoral thesis at the institute of Hermann Mark. The topic was given to him by Franz Patat. At this time the boom in plastics chemistry began and Küchler turned to the kinetics of macromolecules.

In 1936 he went to Göttingen as an assistant at Arnold Eucken’s Institute of Physical Chemistry, where he habilitated in 1943. After 1945 Küchler was back in Göttingen, where he wrote the first German book on polymerization kinetics, which became a standard work. In 1948 he moved to the Hoechst chemical works and headed the physical development laboratories. Again, he was one of the first to take up a new process. Leopold Küchler was also a decisive promoter of nuclear energy, opening up new areas of production that required large-scale industrial chemical processes.

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