Gyözö Kovács

Digitization and networking were already gripping topics for Gyözö Kovács. His goal was to create a large reservoir of young people for computer science – through the first computer exhibitions, the first distance learning course on Hungarian television, and the creation of national microcomputer meetings. Kovacs authored several books – he wrote the first two university computer books, “Electronics” and “Computers” – and published well over 100 papers. He has received several Hungarian and foreign awards and prizes for his computer research and society-oriented activities.

Kovács graduated from the Technical University of Budapest with a degree in electrical engineering. He then worked at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, where he rose to become head of the Computing Center. During this time, the M-3, the first Hungarian tube computer was prepared. In 1960, Kovács participated in the development of the first Romanian computer. In 1969 he founded the Coordinating Institute of Informatics.

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