Fritz Feigl 

Together with the Nobel Prize winner Fritz Pregl and Friedrich Emich, Fritz Feigl is one of the great microanalysts Austria has produced. His work represented a pioneering renewal of chemical analysis technology and enabled applications of the link between inorganic and organic chemistry in many fields of technology and thus for industrial production.

Feigl first studied biology at the Vienna Technical University and then switched to chemistry. The switch to chemistry came about because Feigl was upset that he could not adequately answer a question about the quantitative composition of nutrient solution for plant growth; this motivated him to study chemistry.
In Brazil, he headed the Microchemical Laboratory of Mineralogical Products of the Ministry of Agriculture in Rio de Janeiro from 1942 to 1961. The task of this institute, which he headed, was to research Brazil’s rich natural resources in order to be able to make greater use of them.

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