Egon Schubert

Without Egon Schubert, track construction and track-laying machines would not be at today’s level. In cooperation with Plasser & Theurer, the civil engineer developed the first automatic track leveler for ÖBB and devised a rapid conversion method for renewing the railroad superstructure. A continuously operating machine produced twice the hourly output. By integrating the measuring equipment, he succeeded in automating the measuring process and optimizing the use of the machine’s output.

Egon Schubert completed his training in civil engineering at the Vienna University of Technology, and gained his first professional experience at Elin, where he worked as a structural engineer and site manager.

Schubert published 25 papers on track construction and track levelers during his active time at ÖBB. His experiences are collected in the dissertation “Die Mechanisierung der Gleisanlage-Vermessung,” published in 1979. The development work of the native Bavarian brought numerous Austrian and international patents.

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