Christian Wandrey

Christian Wandrey is one of the most internationally recognized biotechnologists in the field of process engineering. His creativity and creativity have had a significant impact on biotechnology on an international scale in the research fields of bioorganic chemistry, enzymatic biotransformation, cell culture and fermentation technology, and processing technology of biotechnologically produced valuable substances.
At the age of 36, Wandrey assumed the position of Director at the Institute of Biotechnology of the Jülich Research Center, combined with an appointment to the Chair of Biotechnology at the University of Bonn. The group under his leadership developed clear and often amazingly simple solution concepts for difficult and economically relevant problems.
Wandrey’s scientific results have been published in about 350 papers and his work has been cited more than 4000 times. He is co-author of the book “Industrial Biotransformation.” In addition, he has (co-)filed about 100 patents and is co-initiator of several startups.

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