Robert Langer

Robert “Bob” Langer is a chemical engineer, biotechnologist and Institute Professor at the prestigious MIT since 2005. He is the director of the Langer Lab, which he has turned into one of the most successful and innovative research institutes in the world.

Langer is considered the world’s most cited researcher in the field of pharmacotherapy. He discovered the fundamental mechanisms of biomolecules and is a specialist in how active ingredients can be transported to the target site in the body and released precisely. In this way, he revolutionized the treatment of various cancers and heart diseases as well as research into growth factors and vaccines. In addition, he also ensured faster application and implementation with his five-step method, which increases the speed of scientific discoveries and ensures their suitability in practice, in line with Exner’s vision.

He has more than 1,350 issued and pending patents worldwide and is co-founder of numerous companies, including Moderna. Langer has received numerous awards.

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