Otto Waldstein

Otto Waldstein studied physics and chemistry at the University of Vienna. After the early death of his father, he renounced his intended scientific career and took over the management of his father’s optician business Simon Waldstein.
As an optician, Waldstein made a name for himself above all as a specialist teacher at the Vienna Opticians’ School and also emerged as a co-founder of the first Austrian specialist journal for optics. The founding of the Reichsverband der Optiker Österreichs can also be traced back to him. Waldstein distinguished himself in his time above all as an outstanding and widely known representative of the interests of the opticians’ trade.
In 1930, he was delegated as a trade representative to the Chamber of Commerce, Trade and Industry, where he represented the mechanics trade in addition to his profession. He was also very active in the Lower Austrian Trade Association. He dedicated himself to various areas of responsibility. The foundation of the Wilhelm Exner Medal can also be traced back to his initiative.

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