Johannes Ruths

Johannes Ruths invented the Ruths accumulator and was founder as well as general manager of the international Swedish Ruths Group. The way the accumulator works is that exhaust steam from steam power plants is blown into a tank filled to 90 percent with boiling water.
Ruths studied at the Hanover Technical University and passed his diploma examination with distinction in 1903. In the years that followed, he worked as a design engineer. In 1908, he passed his doctoral examination at the Hanover Technical University with distinction.
He became deputy general manager of Kymmene Bruk AG in 1913 and filed the first patents on the Ruths accumulator in the same year. Three years later, he founded Bolaget Vapor-Accumulator, which later became Ruths-Accumulator A.B. However, Ruths was not only an inventor and scientist, but also an economic practitioner and theorist. Even before the First World War, he pointed out the regularities he had found between expenses, production and profit.

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