Johann Kremenezky

Johann Kremenezky attended the Technical University of Berlin Charlottenburg, where he studied together with Werner Siemens and Alfred Krupp. During his studies he worked at Siemens & Halske. In 1877 he applied for a position as chief engineer at the Société générale d électricité.
Kremenezky’s activities included Germany, where he oversaw the equipping of the Munich telegraph building with an electric lighting system. In 1879, it was decided to light the meeting rooms of the Vienna Parliament with Jablochkoff candles. The condition for this, however, was to provide the Vienna Volksgarten with lighting during the summer months.
He then set up his own company, which produced the first alternating current machines. In 1882 he founded the first Austro-Hungarian factory for electric lighting and power transmission “Egger, Kremenezky & Co”. Kremenezky was the owner of several patents, including the internationally used railroad transmission signal without railroad gates. He had a friendship with Theodor Herzl and was one of the founders of Zionism.

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