Herbert Döring

Microwaves are part of every kitchen today. Their success is due to Herbert Döring, who developed the first operational microwave generator from 1942 to 1944. In addition, Döring named general high-frequency technology, ferrites, laser technology and electromedicine as his main areas of research.

Döring studied electrical engineering at the Vienna University of Technology. Following his doctorate, he worked for Siemens and Halske, AEG and C. Lorenz AG. In 1940 he developed the two-chamber klystron. In 1949 Döring habilitated at the TU Stuttgart in ultrahigh-frequency technology and ultrashort-wave tubes, and from 1950 he developed traveling-wave tubes. In 1952 he became full professor of high-frequency engineering and electric tubes at RWTH Aachen University, and in 1955/56 he was dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

For his work, Döring was awarded, among others, the Ring of Honor of the Association of German Electrical Engineers in 1972, the Microwave Career Award of the IEEE/USA in 1993, and the Austrian Cross of Honor for Science and Art 1st Class in 1996.

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