Gustav Adolf Schwaiger

Gustav Adolf Schwaiger was active in many areas of radio and film technology. From 1919, he taught as a professor of physics at the TGM in Vienna and was involved in the TGM’s radio technology experimental station, which he headed from 1923. In 1923, he undertook broadcasting experiments together with Oskar Czeija, the co-owner of Czeija Nissl & Co. The company, founded in 1884, played a major role in the development of the telephone network of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Monarchy.
In 1923, serial production of radio transmitters and receivers began in Austria. The broadcasting trials led to the founding of Radio-Verkehrs-AG (RAVAG) in 1924, and Schwaiger became its first technical director. In RAVAG research he succeeded in realizing transmissions also via telephone lines. In 1938, Schwaiger had to leave RAVAG for political reasons, moved to the film studios on Rosenhügel and solved synchronization problems that had previously been considered unsolvable. Finally, in 1947, Schwaiger founded his own company, specializing in building acoustics planning.

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