Gottfried Biegelmeier

The Austrian patent 197468 stands for the protective device in power networks, the RCD. It was developed by the Austrian physicist Gottfried Biegelmeier during his employment at Felten & Guilleaume, now Eaton Industries. Through his experiments, Biegelmeier, who studied electrical engineering and experimental physics, initiated transdisciplinary breakthroughs in the fields of electrical engineering and medicine and became a specialist in electropathology. Biegelmeier began his career in the testing departments of the Austrian Electricity Works and at the Vienna Arsenal.

His work received international recognition, including the 1985 American IEEE Power Life Award, the 1st Class Cross of Honor for Science and Art, and the Japanese IKEDA Award. Biegelmeier created the non-profit private foundation Elektroschutz. Numerous other patents serve the safety of electricity applications.

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