Georg Wilhelm Graf von Arco

Georg Graf von Arco studied mechanical and electrical engineering at the TH Charlottenburg from 1893. There he established contacts with Professor Adolf Slaby, who had participated in Guglielmo Marconi’s transmission experiments on the English Channel coast.

Slaby and Arco verified Marconi’s experiments in 1897 and set up the first antenna system for wireless telegraphy in Germany. After graduation, Arco worked at AEG from 1898, introducing wireless telegraphy and expanding the field. He was one of the co-founders of Telefunken AG, created by Siemens and AEG in 1903.

In the beginning, he was able to considerably increase the transmission range and build the large-scale radio station Nauen. In 1909, Nauen was transformed from an experimental station into one with regular radio communications. In 1912, Telefunken accounted for 45 percent of the more than 3,000 radio stations worldwide. The technical prerequisite for this was Arco’s invention in 1912 of the high-frequency machine transmitter with magnetic frequency converter.

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