Geoffrey Taylor

Geoffrey Ingram Taylor was a British applied mathematician and physicist. His work focused on hydrodynamics, and his research included applications ranging from oceanography to supersonic flight.
He researched pressure waves, this earned him a Smiths Prize award from the University of Cambridge. From 1910 he became a Fellow of Trinity College and a few years later he took up a professorship in meteorology. During this time, he researched turbulence in the atmosphere and published the book “Motions in Fluids.” As a result of the sinking of the Titanic, a commission was formed to develop proposals for iceberg warning systems, of which Taylor was a member.
During World War I, he worked in the aircraft industry optimizing propellers. He then adapted the fluid mechanics he had developed for oceanography. Taylor published around 250 papers and received numerous awards (Royal Medal 1933, Copley Medal 1934).

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