Friedrich Gebers

Friedrich Gebers, head of the Austrian Shipbuilding Technical Research Institute, was trained as an engineer at the technical colleges in Hanover and Berlin and received his engineering diploma in 1906. Two years later, he earned the title of Doctor of Technical Sciences at the Technical University of Dresden.
Gebers was not only a theoretician, but also a practitioner. He started out at the Imperial Shipyard in Kiel, followed by an engagement as chief engineer at the shipyard in Übigau near Dresden, where he also headed the Shipbuilding Technical Research Institute there. He then moved to the German Reichsmarineamt and quickly advanced to become head of the Berlin shipbuilding department of the Königliche Versuchsanstalt für Wasserbau und Schiffbau.
The most important works among his numerous publications are the papers on towing tests with canal barge models taking into account different canal profiles and the one on appropriate ship sizes for the Danube-Oder-Elbe Canal, which has not been built to date.

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