Ferry Porsche

Ferry Porsche stands for sports cars of world renown. After his school years and a one-year internship at Bosch, he received a year of private instruction in automotive engineering. In 1931, Ferry Porsche joined the design office founded by his father. In 1932, he took over the supervision of tests, and in 1934 the test drives of the KdF car – Porsche is considered the originator of the VW Beetle. In 1948, production of the first series model, the Porsche 356, began. After his father’s death, Ferry Porsche built up the sports car company, developed the world-famous trademark, the Porsche Crest.

For Porsche drivers he is an idol, officially Ferry Porsche was honored in 1975 with the Great Golden Decoration of the Republic of Austria and in 1979 with the Great Federal Cross of Merit with Star. Since 2000, the Ferry Porsche Prize has been awarded in Baden-Württemberg to increase the attractiveness of STEM subjects, and Zell am See is home to the Ferry Porsche Congress Center.

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