Ernst Krause

Even at a young age, Ernst Krause specialized in material processing machines. He was also involved in the Lower Austrian Trade Association from 1896. From 1920 to 1925, Krause also served as an extremely active president of the Lower Austrian Trade Association. Almost at the same time as assuming the function of vice president, Krause founded the machine factory Ernst Krause & Co. in Vienna in 1909.
Krause’s term of office coincided with the inflationary period and attempts to socialize the economy. Krause’s activities as a lobbyist for the business community included his expert opinions on tax legislation, as well as his active efforts to create favorable conditions for the business community and entrepreneurs of what was then Austria by concluding trade agreements with the successor states of the monarchy as well as Italy.
Krause dedicated himself to the task of modernizing the organizational structure of the trade association and making it future-proof. The successful restructuring of the trade association into professional associations can be traced back to him.

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