A. Paul Alivisatos

Chemist (Armand) Paul Alivisatos is considered a pioneer of quantum dot display (QLED) technology, which is being pushed heavily by Samsung in its TVs in particular. His research centers on the ability to create nanocrystals of defined size, shape, and topology and to understand the structural, thermodynamic, and kinetic factors that govern the chemical behavior of these materials and their arrangements. His developments have led to a remarkable range of applications in biomedical imaging and renewable energy.

Alivisatos, who grew up in Greece, became the 14th president of the University of Chicago in September 2021. He previously served at the University of California/Berkely from 1988 to 2021, including as a professor of nanoscience and nanotechnology. He is founder of two well-known nanotechnology companies, Nanosys and Quantum Dot Corp (now owned by Thermo Fisher), and has received numerous awards, most recently the 2021 Priestly Medal.



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