22. May 2023

Peter Ertl: Organ-on-a-chip Technologies: in vitro veritas?

Exner Lectures 2023 – Peter Ertl (TU Wien)

Organ-on-a-chip systems contain living human cell cultures that are grown in a dynamic microenvironment under controlled physiological conditions. These microphysiological systems allow biological, chemical and physical manipulation and analysis of organotypic structures. The reliable establishment of human tissue structures on a common chip platform has shown the potential to reduce and replace animal testing in basic and applied research as well as industrial QC measures. Additionally, organ-on-a-chip systems are used to establish personalized disease models with the aim of providing clinical-relevant information from a patient’s own cells to provided targeted therapy options. In this presentation the current state-of-the-art and selected applications of organ-on-a-chip systems will be introduced.