Wilhelm Exner Medals Foundation

Wilhelm Exner Medals Foundation

We are happy to provide the program for the 2018 Lectures honoring A.Paul Alivisatos, Zhenan Bao, Thomas Jennewein and Gregor Weihs, including talks of the laureates as well as Jürgen Fleig, Rainer Hainberger, Hannes Hübel, Maria Ibanez, Gerhard Kirchmair, Barbara Stadlober or Philip Walther.


The 2018 Wilhelm Exner Medals will be handed to four outstanding scientist:

The medal is awarded to outstanding scientists and researchers who have benefited the economy directly or indirectly through their scientific achievements.

The celebration and Exner Lectures will occur October 23rd and 24th, 2018, at the Foundations Palais Eschenbach in Vienna, Austria.

As part of the Exner Lectures, the research field of the laureates will be presented in a two-day symposium. Please note this date now!

2017 Exner Lectures

We look back with some pride on the Lectures 2017. Great lectures, impressive medalists and fantastic participants. Thank you!

All lectures can be looked up here. Let yourself be inspired!

The Laureates Lecture: „The Higgs boson and our life
 Fabiola Gianotti
CERN – Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire

Discoveries at CERN
 Claudia Wulz
Institute of High Energy Physics, Vienna University of Technology

Quark-Gluon-Plasma – The hottest matter ever studied
 Anton Rebhan
Institute for Theoretical Physics, Vienna University of Technology

Quanta, Relativity and Energy – Shaping the Processes when Protons collide
 Andre Hoang
Faculty of Physics, University of Vienna


The Laureates Lecture: „Colloidal Crystal Engineering with DNA
 Chad Mirkin
International Institute for Nanotechnology, Northwestern University

Probing plasmonic nanoparticles with photons and electrons
 Joachim Krenn
Institute of Physics, University of Graz

Atoms in motion: observing nanostructures with the transmission electron microscope
 Werner Grogger
Institute of Electron Microscopy & Nanoanalysis (FELMI), Graz University of Technology

Characterisation of Nanocrystals for Optics and Energy Storage
 Rainer Lechner
Institute of Physics, Montanuniversität Leoben