Heinz Saedler

Genetic engineering of crops as a solution to future food problems? Heinz Saedler sees this use in parts of the world as very helpful for the poorer population as well. The German molecular biologist is considered an expert in the molecular analysis of plant development processes. In 1984, transposons were isolated from plants for the first time at the MPI for Plant Breeding Research. Detailed research into the insertion and excision mechanisms served to develop methods of green genetic engineering.

The geneticist is one of the pioneers of plant molecular biology and has helped the MIP for Plant Breeding Research to achieve world renown. He studied chemistry and biochemistry in Bonn, Munich and Cologne. From 1980, he conducted research at the MPI. For his scientific achievements, he holds the Cross of Merit, First Class, of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Otto Bayer Prize, and the Gregor Mendel Medal. To open up biotechnology to interested parties, he founded the KölnPUB association and the WissenschaftsScheune.

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