Wilhelm Exner Medal and Exner Lectures 2016

November 9 2016

The Wilhelm Exner Medal 2006 has been awarded to four scientists whose achivements renewed their fields of research:

All slides, films and fotos of this years Exner Lecture will be available soon.

Program of the Exner Lecture 2016

Exner Lectures 2015

All talks, slides, films and fotos of the Exner Lecture 2015 are available here.

The award

Since 1921, OGV has sponsored the Wilhelm Exner Medal, an annual Austrian award dedicated to Wilhelm Exner, honorary president of OGV and renowned professor of engineering with an outstanding impact on educational and industrial policies.

The Wilhelm Exner Medal is awarded to scientists and researchers whose scientific achievements have directly boosted or enhanced business and industry .

The award was founded to commemorate the 60 anniversary of Wilhelm Exner`s membership with OGV. During his lifetime, Wilhelm Exner (1840-1931) interpreted the fundamental changes affecting both social and economic systems as an opportunity for improvement and was focused on dealing proactively and constructively with concomitant problems and challenges.

A representative of Austrian liberalism, Exner was committed to promoting and advancing modernisation and transformation of business, industry, science and society as much as he was averse to policies of foreclosure, prohibition and opposition.

These characteristics of the patron will be strikingly apparent in most Wilhelm Exner awardees. Since 1921, OGV has honoured outstanding scientists whose theories and findings have brought about important applications in trade and industry. 16 Nobel Prize Winners are among the 222 Wilhelm Exner awardees who have opened up new dimensions of economic progress and effectively promoted the advancement of industry and trade. Characteristically, the awardees come from physics, chemistry and biology, others being engineers and inventors.

The bronze medal is 7.5 cm in diameter, showing the portrait and name of Wilhelm Exner on its front side. The awardee`s name and the year of bestowal are found on the back side as well as the inscription „OGV Vienna Wilhelm Exner Medal“.